15 innovative ways to revamp your home with laminates

15 innovative ways to revamp your home with laminates

Do you even have the perception that home makeovers are expensive and time-consuming? Laminates challenge this existing notion. Whether revamping a single room or giving your entire home a new look, laminate sheet solutions are the answer to all. 

Laminates are more than sheets that cover surfaces. Rather, they are the ultimate solution to achieving a versatile, cost-effective look for your home. Be it flooring, countertops, walls, or furniture, laminates have become popular for home renovations.

This blog is about using laminates in innovative ways to transform your home. What are the different types of laminates available? We'll discuss the benefits of using them and the endless innovative ways to transform your space.

What are laminates?

If you are unfamiliar with laminates, you can think of them as versatile materials acting as chameleons that can effortlessly mimic the aesthetic of various natural materials. 

Laminates are multiple layers of synthetic materials that are bonded together using high pressure and temperature. These multiple layers are composed of a decorative layer, a core layer for strength, and a protective layer for durability.

Laminates have been the favorite choice for modern interiors and are used to cover surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, and floors. Additionally, laminates are available in various colors, designs, and textures, enhancing a wide range of versatility, and offering many choices to accommodate diverse design preferences.

Apart from that, laminates are best known for their durability, as they offer optimal resistance against scratches, stains, and heat. This makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Adding to their versatility, one can easily recreate the look of multiple natural materials using laminates.

Moreover, what stands out in terms of laminates is that all the amazing features do not add up to a high expense. There are multiple laminate manufacturer in India who produce sufficiently cost-effective alternatives to other renovation methods in terms of laminates.  

Types of laminate

As laminates are highly customizable, they have various types with unique characteristics. Here are some of the most preferred types of laminates for your next home project!

  • High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

It is best suited for countertops, tabletops, and wall panels. 

  • Low-Pressure Laminate(LPL)

They are commonly preferred for cabinet surfaces and furniture.

  • Continuous Pressure Laminate(CPL)

They are used mainly for flooring, furniture, and interior surfaces.

  • Thermally Fused Laminate(TFL)

They are preferred to be used for curved edges and tabletops. 

Apart from these, there are decorative laminate sheets, which are a common term for other decorative purposes.

15 creative uses of laminate in home decor

Now that you know what types of laminates are available, here's how you can incorporate them in some of the most creative ways to revamp your home.

1. Statement walls

One of the best ways to use laminate is by creating a focal point in your home. You can use bold patterns to create an outstanding accent wall for this.

2. Customised furniture 

Covering your boring furniture to give it a modern look that suits the aesthetic of your space. Doing so allows you to transform everything from tabletops to drawers into exceptional pieces. 

3. Built-in shelving

Another innovative way to use laminates for revamping your home is using natural stone material laminates to cover the shelves. You can inject your space with personality and style by incorporating a vibrant hue or an interesting texture. This modification not only boosts the aesthetic attractiveness but also affects the overall atmosphere of the room.

4.Ceiling treatments

Apart from this, a unique way of using laminates to revamp your space is to add them to your ceiling for an eye-catching design element.

5. Creative backsplashes

While backsplashes are one of the most common ways of using laminates, you can customize the backsplashes in various ways. You can either give it a glossy finish or a tiled style for your washrooms.

6. Sliding barn doors

Barn doors are a standout interior design feature in homes, and revamping them with laminates will make them stand out even more. Depending on your space, you can achieve a contemporary or rustic design using different-style laminates.

7. Stair risers

As you know, laminates are more than just aesthetics; they also provide sufficient durability. Hence, using laminates on stair risers can add interesting visual interest and durability.

8. Window seats

Using laminates, you can create a desirable window seat setup. It can be cozy, sleek, or modern in appearance. With laminate, you can design the window seat to suit your preferred aesthetic, catering to diverse design tastes while enhancing practicality and visual attractiveness.

9. Decorative accents

One of the most creative ways to use laminates that can easily revamp a space is to make geometric cutouts of the sheets and use them on accent walls, furniture, or doors as well. 

10. Closet interiors 

The best part about laminates is that you can incorporate them anywhere and everywhere to elevate an area. Lining the interior of your closets with laminates can help achieve a clean and durable surface for storing clothing and accessories. 

11. Room dividers

If you have open spaces, then using laminates to cover the panels and create a stylish look is one of the best ways to leave a visual impact and add privacy. 

12. Wall art

One of the easiest and most innovative ways in which you can revamp your home is by simply putting up your favorite texture or type of laminate on a canvas or wooden frame and then mounting it on the wall. You can play around with the laminate by cutting them into unique shapes or designs as you want.

13. Bathroom vanity makeover

Often, bathroom vanities get worn out before time, bringing down the overall aesthetic of your washroom. Use laminates to give your old vanity a new, fresh look. Covering it with laminates will not only add to its durability but also elevate the overall look of your washroom.

14. Floating shelves

A unique way of using laminates and making your space stand out is by installing floating shelves that are covered in stylish laminates. You can use these for displaying trophies, decorative items, or even for that additional storage space in your home.

15. Outdoor accents

Make a strong first impression by revamping your outdoor area with laminates. You can incorporate laminates on outdoor furniture, which will make it more durable. You can also use laminates on planters, main doors, and other elements of your outdoor living space.

There are countless ways in which you can leverage laminates to achieve the desired look and vibe for your home and create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. These were some of the best innovative and creative methods of utilizing the versatility of laminates. 


In conclusion, laminates are a versatile, cost-effective, and highly customizable alternative to traditional painting or other renovation methods. They offer a wide variety of creative possibilities for making your home stand out and ensuring the durability of the surface they are used on. Whether you're adding a pop of color to your furniture or a modern touch to your kitchen laminates, we've got you covered. 

This blog aims to illuminate the various ways you can use laminates to add a special touch of your style and personality to your home decor.