Best Decorative Laminate Designs For House Renovations

Best Decorative Laminate Designs For House Renovations

These days, covering the house with various laminates is a popular option. The opportunity for customisation that adds a unique touch while maintaining simplicity is characterized as sophisticated and fashionable. Nobody can take their eyes off it because of the play of texture, colour, and design that laminates provide. 

If you want to update your home without breaking the bank, your greatest option is to go with ornamental laminate patterns. Decorative laminate sheets provide your home style, sophistication, and visual individuality. And what better occasion than remodeling to include them in your house?

Selecting the ideal fit for your home shouldn't be difficult. Here is a useful guide to help you choose the best decorative and high-pressure laminate sheets for a home makeover.

Understanding The Decorative laminates

As tiling does for cement floors, laminates do the same for furniture. They may improve any piece of furniture, new or old, by adding visual appeal, strength, and texture. What's the finest thing, then? It gives your home décor that "perfect" makeover and is incredibly low maintenance, low time and effort, and highly effective.

Designer laminate sheets are hard surfaces around 1 mm wide and are used to update a space's interior design or preserve hardwood furnishings. Avoid falling into the "trendy" trap when selecting the ideal decorative laminates for home interiors since fads tend to go out of style. Decorative laminates with long-term usefulness and a good return on investment are what you should pick instead.

Make wise decisions because you will live with the designs you select for the next ten or more years.

Why Use Decorative Laminate Sheets?

Decorative laminate sheets serve purposes beyond their visual appeal, giving your house more oomph and appeal. In addition to being gorgeous, they are reasonably priced, strong, and adaptable, and they need little work to change your house completely.

Laminates are the greatest option if you want to expedite your house's renovation since they are very simple to install.

Different Types of decorative laminates

Although laminates are normally less expensive than hardwood, costs may become very competitive, given the range of patterns and styles that are currently available. However, there is no shortage of alternatives when selecting the ideal laminates for residential settings.

Based on usage

Depending on the intended use, you may select from various surface treatments, including textures, patterns, and plain colours, as well as durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant laminates. It is recommended to use surfaces that are resistant to scratches for study desks, kitchen countertops, cabinets, and children's play areas. You may also choose antibacterial or antifungal laminates for bathroom cabinets and kitchen surfaces.

Based on surface-finish 

Select laminates that enhance the overall look of your house since they are available in a wide range of colours and design possibilities and can easily fit into any design motif. There are several surface-finish laminates, including solid colour, metallic, textured, glossy, and digital finish laminates.

Based on type & build 

Based on their construction, laminates may be divided into two main categories: non-core and uni-core. The margins of unicore laminates complement the surface laminate, giving them an appealing, glossy look. It makes every item of furniture, including work tables, couches, and cabinets, seem tidy and clean. Non-core high-pressure laminate sheets offer a variety of possibilities and are more cost-effective and inexpensive.

Based on advanced properties

You can modify your laminate surfaces according to usage, given the wide range of applications for laminates. Many alternatives are available with sophisticated smart laminates, including flame retardant, antibacterial, electrostatic, antifungal, magnetic, and chalkboard laminates.

What Is The Best Space To Add Laminates? 

It takes time to decide which laminate to use in all the places in the house. You may declutter your thoughts by making a short list of these potential locations. 


If you have laminates with plenty of details, your kitchen's surfaces and cabinets might become the most stylish area in your house. A new effect may be achieved by combining a metallic touch with lighting and the natural world. The urban style is enhanced with geometrical designs, colours, and textures that suit your taste.


If you have laminates with plenty of details, your kitchen's surfaces and cabinets might become the most stylish area in your house. A new effect may be achieved by combining a metallic touch with lighting and the natural world. The urban style is enhanced with geometrical designs, colours, and textures that suit your taste.


It's a place to rest, unwind, spend time with loved ones, and sit around bored while sick. Every time you walk into the space, you should find spending time there really refreshing and visually appealing. Many options are available for customisation, allowing one to envision the most fitting and soothing style, including glossy or matt laminate, bright or dark patterns, solid or texture, and other combinations.

Leftover laminates

Everybody has some degree of inventiveness. Use it to create an intriguing tiny space or pet's house for yourself, your pet, and guests. 

Laminate Solution for Pet House

Pro Tips For Using Laminate Designs for Home Renovations

The following are some expert suggestions on using laminate designs in your house that our specialists have put together.

Spice up Your Kitchen

Do you want to show off your opulent kitchen to your guests? Make use of laminate patterns. In the kitchen, laminate countertops are a sturdy and reasonably priced substitute for real stone worktops. Even your cupboards and drawers may be updated with a laminate design that matches or contrasts with them. Decorative laminates are perfect for high-traffic, high-use areas like your kitchen because they are extremely resilient and stain-, impact-, and scratch-resistant.

Upgrade Storage Units

It's time to update your storage containers if you wish to conceal the clutter in your house. You may give your storage units a new appearance and feel by covering them with fresh laminate patterns instead of buying new ones. Use comparable laminate patterns to create bespoke built-in storage pieces like entertainment centres, bookcases, and mudroom benches for a stylish and useful look.

Upgrade Your Bedroom

After a hard day, you go to your bedroom, your haven. Ensure your bedroom is tastefully decorated to promote rest and healthy sleeping habits. Apply a fresh laminate design to your bedroom's current furniture, including dressers, nightstands, and headboards. You may try different combinations of glossy or matt laminate, bright or dark patterns, texture or solid, and other possibilities.

Beautify Your Entrance

Your home's entryway should have a warm, inviting vibe. Adding some decoration to your front entrance is the greatest method. Decorative laminates are a great option for your doorway since they are multipurpose, go well with any type of design, and are available in various colours, patterns, and finishes. Additionally, laminates may be used to construct any type of door, such as barn doors, pocket doors, sliding doors, etc.

Laminate for home entrance interior

Use up Any Leftover Laminates

Repurpose laminate in your house for various applications rather than discarding it. Use designer laminate sheets to give furniture, such as a bookcase or coffee table, a fresh look. You may even use laminate patterns to add a sliding door or room divider to your house to improve the amount of seclusion. These pieces of furniture may be stylish as well as practical.


When remodeling or renovating your home, decorative laminates offer an affordable, durable, and stylish way to update the look and feel of your spaces. With many options available, from realistic wood grains to bold patterns and colours, you can find the perfect laminates to suit your taste and design vision. Just remember to carefully prepare your surfaces, allow time for proper adhesive curing, and utilise laminates rated for your intended application area.