Best Ideas To Use Textured Laminates For A Unique Touch

Best Ideas To Use Textured Laminates For A Unique Touch

Not everyone can afford materials like granite and marble in their homes. But the good news is that with textured laminates, you can provide the same feel as you would enjoy with marble interiors in your home.

Just get textured laminates designed to resemble marble for an easy and cost-effective way to decorate your home. Or perhaps you want a more traditional and rustic look. In that case, you have textured laminate designs made to look like wood but without the nuisance of termites in your home.

Some other materials you can experiment with are bamboo, jute, and cork for a more aesthetic feel in your home. And that’s what textured laminate sheets are all about. In other words, these provide a fun and convenient way to decorate your home.

Textured laminate sheets- the variety for you

Paper, fabric, and resin combine to create a beautiful blend strong enough to last a long time while making maintenance a breeze, whether in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen.

That’s what is most fun about designer laminates in India. You can introduce just any room’s interiors while, at the same time, experimenting with textures and colours.


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Many of them come with textures made to mimic materials like wood, marble, and granite to give you a feel of having done your interiors, yet without the drawbacks that come with these materials.


Some of them come with knots and grains to look like wood. Some come with a texture that is more weathered to look like marble or stone. Now, you can choose according to the materials you had planned to go for before you came to know about using textured laminate sheets in your home.


While the former can give your home a comfortable and cosy feel, the latter can greatly elevate the style and elegance of your home.

The joy of textured laminates

The good thing about textured laminates is that they are versatile, which means there is no end to the experiments you can do through creativity.

When done right, they can do wonders for your interiors, taking the overall look to a whole new level and giving you a different feel.

Yet, you don’t have to worry that you are not a creative person, for textured laminate designs are becoming increasingly popular today, so you just have to look around to find ideas you can borrow for your space.

That said, here are a few that you can use to beautify your house with some textured laminates.

Textured laminates to warm up your bedroom:

Let’s start with the bedroom, the favourite hideout in everyone’s home. Many don’t realise that after the bed, the wardrobe takes up most of the bedroom space and, hence, plays an important part in determining the bedroom’s overall look.

Designer laminates in India are becoming increasingly popular these days. Besides adding beauty to your entire bedroom, they also make your wardrobe strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. They are also known to resist bacteria, thus contributing to a feeling of overall hygiene in the room.


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Choosing laminates with a glossy or acrylic finish can add a statement to your wardrobe and give the bedroom a feel of being bigger and brighter.

Choose light and neutral colours and go with your bedroom’s interiors. At the same time, don’t shy away from experimenting with multi-colour combinations if you want to give your bedroom a bold and quirky look.

All said and done, laminates are one way to introduce a beautiful old-timey look in your bedroom that you will love.

Textured laminates to create a statement in your living room


Now, coming to the heart of your home, the haul, in other words, the living room. Choosing textured laminates is one of the best ways to harmonise the look of your entire home, provided you choose the shades wisely, according to the size of your home.

Choose colours that are light if your living space is small. This will go a long way in brightening up the entire home while giving the feel of being more spacious.


Free photo living room image, warm wood home decor


On the other hand, if you have a lot of natural light entering the home, you can experiment with some dark shades, as they are known to provide a warm and cosy feel to the entire home.

Textured laminates are one of the best ways to add a touch of depth to your living room, but make sure that you balance it all the same. Choose lighter textures if you have a lot of heavy decor in your home. On the other hand, if your furnishings are soft, you can experiment with some textured walls to add a touch of drama to your home.

If you prefer solid-coloured walls, you can experiment with textured flooring instead, as this can provide a basis for a whole new theme in your home.

Textured laminates for a more inviting kitchen:

Now, come to the most tricky part of your home: the kitchen. We all know that this is one place in your home most susceptible to scratches and stains, making it all the more important for the interiors to be chosen slowly and wisely.

That said, textured laminates are the best that you can get because they are durable and stronger than any other material you can get into your home.


Free photo render of 3d contemporary kitchen


However, here, you need to stay away from all dark shades as they could make those little scratches and stains more visible to serve as an eyesore to spoil your mood while cooking at home.

At the end of the day, cooking is more fun when the room is bright, so light-textured laminates can make this one bright room in your home. Choose earthy tones, as they provide a rather warm and inviting look to your kitchen.

If you want to create a stronger impression, go for bright and sunny shades like yellow for a vibrant kitchen in your home.

Some textured laminates for a fun bathroom, too:

Yes, you can introduce textured laminates into your bathroom, too. This is one of the best materials you can consider here, considering how hygiene is so much of a concern in the bathroom.

You can even use floral designs here to have vibrant bathrooms in your home. Or you can go for stone simulations, as they provide a more earthy feel to the bathrooms in your home.


Small bathroom with modern design style


On the other hand, geometric patterns can give the entire bathroom a more contemporary and chic feeling, which you can go for if contemporary is the kind of look you have chosen to have in your home.

If you want to add some tactile dimension to your bathroom, go for raised patterns, which are becoming increasingly popular today in homes.

Because textured laminates are for any room:

One of the most important things you must consider when choosing textured laminates in your home is the lighting. Yes, the kind of colours you need to go for mainly depends on the amount of light that enters your home.

The next most important thing you need to look at is the decor you have in your home. Remember to keep it soft and light if you have a heavily decorated home, and vice versa if you have a simple home.

And then, just have fun. Textured laminates come with various options to create different kinds of statements in your home. It all depends on what you want to see and the kind of look you want in every room of your home.