• Product stability is subject to standard terms and conditions mentioned below.
  • MAKERS laminates are tested as per applicable IS 2046:2005 standard in the presence of quality experts.
  • MAKERS does not claim any special feature in MAKERS Laminates beyond the above-mentioned standard.
  • The colours and appearance of original products may vary due to various external factors.

  • Customer shall use only the prescribed sanitization process for santization. The prescribed process is as under :

    Sanitization Process for Laminate surface –
    The surface can be cleaned with soap solution for 25-30 sec or sanitize by any alcohol having concentration >75%, after cleaning /sanitizing surface should be wiped off properly by clean soft cloth and make the surface full dry. (As per WHO’s direction, contact with any soap for more than 25 sec or contact with alcohol >75% purity will sanitize the surface). This cleaning can be done as and when required. After cleaning with alcohol, it should be wiped off with soft water so that traces of alcohol or soap will not remain on the surface.
  • The availability of products may vary from one region to another. Kindly reach out to your local representative to know the availability of the products.